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How to sell at a BugetCoinz bitcoin ATM

The fastest way to sell bitcoin with cash

Step 1
Select the Cryptocurrency you want to sell
Step 2
Choose the sell option from the interface
Step 3
Agree to the Terms & Conditions on the screen
Step 4
Define the amount of transaction to sell (depending on the amount different verification procedures might apply, e.g. SMS verification, ID scan & selfie).
Step 5
Enter phone number
Step 6
Type in a one-time passcode that was sent via text to you.​
Step 7
Always choose an amount less than what you have because of backend fees.​
Step 8
The receipt will contain a wallet address whereto a particular amount of bitcoins to be sent. KEEP this receipt, you will redeem your cash with the same receipt.​
Step 9
Open your mobile app where your bitcoin is stored and select SEND. Look for a QR code icon and/or SEND button and scan the QR code on the receipt. It should automatically fill out the amount and the destination. BE SURE you have enough funds and the amount matches exactly what is stated on the receipt.
Step 10
You will receive a text message once your cash is ready. Select “Redeem ticket” on the ATM and scan the same QR code from receipt, you will be given cash immediately.

Please note NOT all Bitcoin ATM machines can sell (cashout) your bitcoin. Only the machines that look like this can cashout your bitcoin